Happy Halloween!

costume8 Peter Pan, Men in Black and Eloise

Today’s post is nothing but some of my favorite costume pics. Some of you submitted some great pics. Most of you completely ignored my request. That means more pics of my kids. Your welcome.

costume23 Going retro for this little Swiss Miss and her “Native” friend.(That’s my mother on the left)

costume22Sydney’s first real Halloween. Why yes, I did hand make those “ears”

costume25 This is me and my “Mother Nature.” I am some sort of knight I believe. The beauty of tinfoil.

samfisher1Sam’s son Beck is a ninja. With that avocado and the butcher knife, he looks more like a “fruit ninja” to me.

costume40One of my all-time favorites. Sydney as Gandalf the Grey, and her friend Alex as Aladdin

melissagarrett2Melissa’s boys as Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. Seriously adorable.

costume32I don’t know this man, but I have been trying for months to convince my husband to dress as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones

costume20Nathan as Anakin Skywalker, Zoe as Minnie Mouse, parker as Tigger and Sydney as Marilyn Monroe


lesliewebbLeslie’s boys as cat burglars. They will take your candy when you’re not looking

costume34Alex as a whoopie cushion, Matt as a samurai warrior and Sydney as a very blonde Dorothy

costume38Zoe and Rylie as cats. Not the Jellicle kind. (For more info see http://kbjackson.com/cats-you-either-love-them-or-hate-them/ )

We have a few Harry Potters

samfisher3She’s actually technically not Harry, but “Luna”

lesliewebb2 “Recycled Harry Potter”

cantusmileharrypdoesntsmile“Harry Potter doesn’t Smile”

costume12Deedee Doodle Moe Doodle and A Storm Trooper? As you can tell from the Doodlebops costumes, this was a difficult time in my life.

costume19Knight, Cheshire Cat and Tinkerbell

melissagarrett1 Extra Super Superheroes


The year Parker started embracing his inner villain.

A couple years ago, he decided he wanted to go as Doofenschmirtz from “Phineas and Ferb.” But he couldn’t just go as Doofenschmirtz, he had to go as “2nd Dimension” Doofenschmirtz.



melissagarrett3hard to be afraid of these two clowns

samfisher2Mitt Zombie (a 2012 classic)


costume35Not his real mustache


Wonder Woman


costume24My hottie mother circa 1979


costume7Pebbles Flintstone

costume2A very serious Man in Black

costume1Will always be one of my favorite pictures. Ever. Parker refused to wear the legit Harry Potter glasses. Those are Nerf gun glasses. Zoe as Bethany from Soul Surfer

imageLast night’s soccer practice was lots of fun

imageNotice the Coach- Robin. As he went to block a goal in their scrimmage and missed with the slide tackle he called out “If I had been Batman I would have stopped the ball!”

Happy trick or treating tonight! And stay safe!

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