Happy 10th Birthday Zoe Bug! (Birthday #1)


Today, October 13th, marks the onset of what I typically call “Hell week.” By some divine happenstance (yes, I know that’s an oxymoron) 3 of our 4 children have birthdays within 6 days of each other.

This year, “Hell week” is Heaven week, as we are spending it in Hawaii. Honestly, Hell week never turns out to be hell week, because I find that the thought of having 3 birthdays  in one week is actually the real stress. I love the opportunity to celebrate my kids, who I think are amazing and hilarious and wonderful people.

So…without further ado…


I won’t bore you all with push stories (I will, however, mention that I was induced and used ZERO pain medication. Zero.) I just want to celebrate the girl that is Zoe.

Zoe means “life” in Greek and I believe her name was given to me. While all the other kids’ names were decided on at the very last minute, I knew Zoe’s name early on. And full of life she has turned out to be.

I can recognize Zoe’s full throated laugh in a large group of people from a soccer field away. From the moment she gets up to the closing of her eyes at the end of the day, Zoe is humming or singing, often at the top of her lungs.

She is feisty and sassy and smart and everything about her is larger than life. She plays hard, she is a power snuggler, and she experiences every bit of the day fully. She never misses an opportunity to spend time with her friends, try new adventures, and if there was ever someone I felt the term “living life with gusto” applied to, it’s Zoe.

Bug, you bring a zest to our family, a spice that no one else could. Your beautiful smile, your “Zoe-ness”- I don’t even know how to describe it…all of who you are blesses us every day.

Here are just a small sampling of pics of the past 10 years. There are so many I didn’t include for brevity’s sake, but I think it gives you an inkling of who Zoe is.



image Supergirl





zoe11Doing the robot



zoe6Wonder Woman

zoe15She got in the Gap store display window and pretended to be a mannequin. Soon a crowd gathered.


zoe9Put up your dukes!

zoe18Sassy McSasserton







Zoe5Happy Birthday beautiful Zoegirl! We love you!

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